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Welcome to the join for a Dollar program

1. Have you hopped from program to program, always hoping this one will be the one to realize your dreams?
2. Do you feel ripped off by all the money you've lost joining many programs?
3. Do you feel you're a failure, because you can't seem to sponsor members into your business?
4. And, if you sponsor your 2, 3 or 5 members, do they seem to just sit there and stare at the stars?

Our Wealth Creation Portfolio is made up of a group of 6 programs. Each program makes you more and more money, and under the guidance of our training, you will learn how
to build actual wealth with the earnings you make.

Join4adollar is the very starting point of our Wealth Creation Portfolio, and as the name suggests, costs only $1. In time, this $1 can turn into $300,000+ over a period of time... with no further out of pocket expenses. As you complete each program, you will be given a free membership into the next program.
Join4adollar answers some of the biggest challenges people have in taking on a new business:
Join4adollar answers some of the biggest challenges people have in taking on a new business:
  •   I can't afford to join as I've already lost so much money joining other programs!
  •   I can't sponsor!
Our programs are designed to help you get started, and you'll have members here to help you on your way as they are genuinely interested in your success.

We want members worldwide to feel they are able to learn and experience building a Wealth Creation Portfolio, so our starting point has been made at only $1. We also run a benefactoring program for those that need it.

With the cost being set at just $1, it means that this opportunity is so very low risk, that it opens it up to everyone, no matter what
economical, spiritual, or emotional level you are on right now.

So we encourage you to give it a go! What have you to lose?
Come on now and take the 7 day free trial!


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