Making money on the Net

Some facts you need to know about making money on the Net

The following is the most helpful and unbiased information I could supply regarding my own accumulative knowledge and experience on this subject. Since this area is so vast, and technology and systems are developing on a daily basis, the information on this blog is by no means exhaustive. Blessed are they who do not fall asleep after the first paragraph, because there IS really good content in here, and beefed up by some of the top experts in the market, so let's start with...

Making money for FREE on the net

In short, yes it IS possible to make money for FREE on the internet, however it WILL cost you some TIME, perhaps even a LOT of time, in doing all the groundwork. There are 4 major things needed before you can get up and running as a vendor on the Net.

1. Product: you need a product to sell. Without a product you do not have anything to sell or promote = no income. The visitor browsing your site is either warm to you, warm to the product/s you are selling or just curious. 'YOU' can also be the product in an abstract way. If you do not have your own product or program, you can always sell someone else's product/s or promote a site or move merchandise as an affiliate. (We will talk about that later)

2. Venue: as in website or blog, i.e. a cyber 'platform' or 'e-shop' to sell / promote from.

3. Advertising: Even the most long established and popular brands still advertise. It has been proven that if Coca Cola stopped spending on advertising for 6 months, other soft drink companies would experience a jump in revenues. YOU are nowhere NEAR as big as Coca Cola, so you need to advertise, otherwise you are simply 'invisible' to passing online trade. There is both free and paid for advertising on the Net. We will go into advertising in more depth in a later paragraph.

4. Traffic / Customers: Location location location. Location on the net is ALWAYS directly associated with search engines or large sites. Basically, if your presence is still young on the net, you need to be hanging around where all the traffic is. Ranking is one way of catching the flow of traffic. There are 3 ways to get high up in the search engine rankings and they are:

(a) Build your blog or website up page by page with real original and relevant content. Search engine spiders will always give ranking credit to quality content sources, so be thoroughly original and creative.
(b) Use an original name or handle that no one else is using. As long as it can be pronounced vocally, once it becomes established it WILL find relevance to the nature of the site, like Google is synonymous with search engines.
(c) Paid advertising on search engines will certainly help you to get closer to the top of the listings for your chosen topic, and earn you dividend revenue, while your advert is listed on the right hand side of the main results page.

Gain the knowledge, add value, and you will succeed!
Some Good Advice:

Be sensible and focused
Stick to a topic, subject or product you know well to begin with. If you lack motivation, get a friend or family member alongside you to help you stay focused and motivated.

Self branding - your name on the Net
If you want to take your business to the next level on the net you have to start branding yourself with a blog. This tells to your visitors and customers, that you so believe in your products, services and promotions, that you are willing to put your name on the 'package', and in many cases a face!

If you want to grow your business, on or off line you have to build solid long term relationships. Individuals do not join your company or purchase from you just because of your product or service, I am speaking long term now, it is because of YOU. The day's of 'in your face' selling is quickly becoming a thing of the past. The Social Media Networking arena is going to be the ticket to your success. A friend of mine recently made a self branding blog, posted it to the Net and whamo! she came in immediately 8 pages from the top, so it does pay.

Reading is hard work
There is one key thing I have learned over time, and that is people love to be entertained. Reading is hard work, especially when there is miles and miles of text to read. Visitors to your online source WILL generally read small portions of text, but they are more likely to read short sharp sentences or perhaps at least palatable paragraphs. A survey has revealed that an increasing percentage of people browsing the net for general information will turn to youtube before going to a standard search engine, and they WILL read the text off a video frame rather than long paragraphs on a page. That said, search engine spiders LOVE fresh new large oceans of text, as they are programed to harvest all new relevant information on a kaleidoscope of subjects. So your blog and website need to attract both human and cyber searchers.

A picture paints a thousand words
The browsing visitor wants to see images and pictures. People respond to images before they respond to trunk lines of data - Information overload. 99.9% of the world's literate population do NOT visualize what they read. 94.3% of the world's illiterate population do not visualize what they hear, so that is why images and video are thee most effective advertising tool available. This is where images, text narration and music ALL work together to make a lasting impression. Go and scroll through any website. Where does your eye fall? Point made? Need I say more? except this: Since reading is hard work many paper forms are signed without reading the small print, it's just too much trouble to read small text...beware!

Link all your cyber gear together
Make sure that all the stuff you put out there on the web is monetizing for you effectively by 'linking' all your blogs, websites, video, and postings together. Always remember, your blogs are your hub, and keep them to a theme, starting with your PERSONAL blog!

RSS feeds
I know precious little about RSS, suffice to say that they behave like automatic forwarding links and can be used in a range of ways to update subscribers with topics, pages, people and events as they happen This tool can therefore be very useful in increasing revenues for the web master.


Google Adwords If you wish to monetize on your blog or website, then you would arrange with Google to 'bid' for keywords relevant to the campaign you are running for a new product website you wish to speedily promote. The keywords you list against your blog, forum or website are then given 'preference' by Google search engine spiders when selecting source options.

Google adsense or PPC (Pay Per Click) If you wish to 'buy advertising space on a search engine homepage, such as Google, you 'bid' for 'position' which will determine how far up your advert will appear on the right hand side listings ladder. Any advert appearing on the

Advertising on social websites works along the same lines as APC adverts appearing on the side of websites and blogs.

Free website resources

If you wish to set up a free website, you can use any of the following resources.

Yola -
Joomla -
Wix -

Drupal Gardens 
Word Press is primarily a blogging site, however it has surpassed itself as just blogging.

Please note: as a free member of any of these website providers (1) your URL will be fused with the host provider, i.e. if you want to call yourself 'grapletak' then you URL with joomla will look like this: or with YOLA - (2) the number of facilities available will be limited. After a while you may find that you need to expand the functions of your site/s as it grows, and then you would need to upgrade to obtain those extra resources.


Blogs are generally accepted to be more current and updated than personal websites, as in many cases visitors can leave comments and postings, so the popular ones enjoy a lot of hits stemming from social interaction. While there isn't always anything of spider searching value there, many have earned their place on the world wide web in terms of 'hit' volume. The first thing a visitor wants when they come to a site is find a way of communicating and expressing themselves. This is VERY important. One very ingenious blogger placed a 'blackboard' on their front page where the visitor could simply draw with colored 'chalk' - visitors loved it. Absolutely brilliant on dating sites etc. Some very hysterical stuff appeared on the blackboard, I am told. Let's not go on to the piano shall we, where gate crashing visitors click on keys while you are trying to impress viewers with your amazing talent, nor shall we talk about 10 people trying to drive the same car at mega miles per hour. There is precious little you can't do on a blog, that you can do on a website. The following 2 sources provide free blogging.

Blogger does 'exactly what it says on the tin'. You can add content, video, submission forms, games, images, audio and music.

Wordpress has definitely established itself as a premier blogging site on the net, and omits none of the above items in the last 2 paragraphs.

Offering FREE stuff to your visitors
Visitors love free stuff and when the word gets out that you provide quality free stuff, you are guaranteed visitors to your site/s. You might offer content, video, forms, games, icons, images, audio or music.

Back End advertising
You have landed on someone's squeeze or landing page and after scrolling through to the bottom you decide, nay, this isn't for me, and you click out, and a little pop up appears appealing to your initial interest. That is one example of back end advertising. The next is the associated adverts placed around the main page, and last is the follow up emails you get after submitting your details on someone's landing page. Basically back end advertising is a cyber sales guy who never says die, and has an infinity of things to sell you.

Finding fees
Perhaps the reader of this blog wishes to make money in a more discreet and incognito manner, then finding fees is a sister to PPC and APC options. There is an ever expanding galaxy of businesses out there, who NEED to be found on the internet, and YOU could provide that vital link, simply by setting up a blog or blogs in line with their area of trade. Let's say you know of a local jewelery store and you set up a website or blog selling watches. You consult with the business proprietor to an agreed payment to you for (a) placing an advert for them on your page/s and (b) commission for any sales generated as a result of them making a purchase via the link you set up. It's a win win arrangement. There is software that can easily be installed to make this an easy trouble free one time set up. (link)

Becoming an affiliate
That's why it's called the NET, because you need to build a Network of sites, blogs, videos etc to 'catch' the fish swimming around the web. If someone is going to buy something on the internet, why shouldn't they buy it from you or THROUGH you? Sorry, I can't make that any clearer. Just like finding fees there are internet companies who invite people to become sales affiliates and pay you a commission for promoting an authors electronic products. One of the biggest names in this industry is Clickbank. The latest addition to a bank of affiliate products is click2sell, which is based in Europe, and profess to offer an adjacent range of products to its authors, affiliates and customers.

Here's a free one on me
Launch a website or blog where the subscriber can make use of images, as long as the image links back to its host site, just like youtube videos do. Effectively creating an image license.

'Remember, Empathy and Sympathy are the best sales people'

Free advertising
There is and ever growing list of sources and means in the free advertising quest. There is shared advertising, SEO ranking, video hosting sites, blogging tweeting and re-tweeting and the list goes on. You really need to do your own research in this area.

Social networking sites...
are a great way and place to advertise, especially if you have oodles of followers. If they like you, they will trust you, and respect your opinion. Therefore if you recommend a particular brand or product, there is a VERY good chance they will at least visit the page.

I had been avoiding this subject, because so many people have been scammed out of billions. Once again there is an expanding galaxy of sites out there who are all trying to reel in subscribers, affilaites you name it. In every case you need to do your due diligence and not get scammed. 'Buy my ebook for just $49.99 and you will soon be raking in the bucks like the main pros'. Read that one? There ARE tell tale signs you can look for that will help you avoid the grand mines.

(1) Who is the CEO? Does he / she give their name? Great, punch it into google and the first bunch of listings you will get are all the sites etc THEY want you to see. Keep scrolling through the pages until you find an article on their PAST activities. Have they come into a CCJ or other questionable activity. A lot of people rushed like mad to join a company called Global Verge, only to find out later that the CEO was Mark Petschel, who had been had up for illegal activities only a few years ago. Now the first results on Mark Petschel, he wished were the last because his name is now worth dirt. Nothing personal Mark. Remember: Bad name = bad business, good name = good business, that simple. Lesson learned.

(2) How long has the 'opportunity' been going? Has it just been launched? You are tempted to 'get in early' and upgrade asap. Nothing wrong with getting in early. You can get in early but unless you have a long string of personal associates you can bulk email to follow you through the door, you are going to end up sitting with a 2 or 3 who never 'upgrade' no matter how often you spam them to join with your fabulous lies.

(3) My estimation of an opportunity will always be from a social networking site. Real time people offering real advice, and real help and they say so and do so, even though their time schedule is tight. A lot of these people have a good track record and are NOT out to make a fast buck, but understand that you do not earn anything in a launch, program or opportunity without spending something be it time, money or both. The other thing that is earned is respect, and respect is a VERY important ingredient when you are trying to build up a warm online community group like United Wealth Builders

Buying anything on the Net.
Here's a little tip I'm sure you will thank me for a long time to come. Have you or someone you know or have heard of, had their card details stolen, or account assets stripped? The best way to avoid this seriously affecting you, is to open an adjacent account where you keep a minimal online 'float' of say $50. That way if someone does hack into the account they only get away with that amount. Also don't link more than one or 2 bank accounts to your PayPal, Alert Pay or World Pay accounts. There is nothing wrong with having any of these accounts, and the proprietors need to be ever vigilant, as it is their livelyhood and name that they have to zealously protect.

Recurring billing
There is a wealth of income to be had from recurring income, and there are a large number of items for sale just on clickbank and click2sell that offer such products.

Don't be a loser
If you send your new enrollees, prospects and visitors directly to the product page you are trying to promote, you run the risk of losing them forever. Take them to your very interesting and engaging blog concerning a subject they are already warm to. Don't be put off by making a blog about very common and universal subjects that effect us all, like money, the weather, breaking news, celebrities, current affairs etc.

Even though there are millions of sites, blogs, videos and reports in these areas people value good accurate reporting and opinions. Design it in such a way that others can add their 50 cents worth, that way it always stays fresh and relevant until the cyber thugs move in and start comment wars on your turf. Either way your current and relevant blogs WILL get hits and traffic, which becomes VERY lucrative in the online world.

An excellent way to 'screen' members who want to join your comments page, is to ask them for their youtube handle. If they decline, then they have probably been effing and blinding in comment wars or better still have been flagging couture videos or been flagged themselves.

Remember: When you win people, you win everything. Make loads of friends online. By all means pass on your expert advice, opinions and knowledge. Although you don't get paid for it, you are building up an excellent name in your growing online community

This is where you start to earn money from something YOU have created on the net, such as a blog, video or website.

Some internet marketers in their zeal and determination to make money on the net use spam (unsolicited messaging, mainly by email) This is a complete waste of time for the following reasons:

In the first instance, you are up against a cold market.

In the second instance, your little spam email will (in 96% of cases) be diverted into the e-shredding bin.

You can lose your allotted email address from any electronic email address provider, such as Google, yahoo etc. If your email address is tied in with your daily communication or finances, then that wasn't a very smart decision. You can try and be clever and sign up for a 'new' account with a 'new' provider, but if the name in the email doesn't match the one in the 'opportunity' you are trying to get sign-ups for, then consider that you cannot move around the net incognito, and still expect real live people on the other side to trust you. Even the dumbest people out there are not dumber than a spammer. Forget it.

The other form of spam is where you 'hijack' a social website by placing your 'opportunity' link in a message box with an unsolicited invite with the aim of getting a 'sign-up'. You will quickly get booted OFF and BANNED from the site.

The best way to 'spam' is to kick start your own blog, and then you can pepper it with as many opportunity links as you like, and you will not get 'busted' for it because you can do whatever you like on your own cyber turf, but DON'T do it on MINE!

Believe it or not there is a place on the net for spammers, and you can check it out here: - just to quench the insatiable thirst for all our spammers, which in every case amounts to 2 magicians trying to entertain each other with their new card tricks. Have fun.

Failure in making money on the internet (credit to Wayne Parks)
Why is the failure rate in network marketing so high? I believe it is due to the lottery mentality.

People start surfing around on the internet and see all of these ads with the outrageous earning potentials and think they have hit upon their winning lottery ticket. All they have to do is pay the one fine fee, give them their name and email address and whammo they are instant millionaires.

The cold hard fact, it just doesn’t work that way. It you want to succeed with your online business the first thing you need to do is educate yourself. Learn how to find a business, learn how and where to promote your business. Once you have prospects learn how to convert them into paying customers. Learn how to keep your paying customers coming back again and again for a residual income.

Becoming successful on the internet doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time and effort. But it is very obtainable. If you only have an hour a day, take that time to educate yourself. If you don’t have an hour a day, make the time. The biggest waste of time in an average day is spent watching TV. If you watch TV 2 hours a day, cut it back to one. You can see where I am going with this. The more time you spend educating yourself the quicker the success will come.

Knowledge = Value - Value = Success - make it yours!