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SWOM allows you to make money on the Web without having to continue wandering around the internet looking for the next 'big opportunity'. You can make long lasting online friendships with people who will help you. succeed. I have spent many hours preparing this blog to do just that. 

This training blog and video is primarily to help all new comers to SWOM and for those who have recently upgraded to be successful in social networking whether a free member of upgraded to Gold in SWOM.

For all those who upgrade via the links on this page, I will give even more helpful hints, tips and tricks to get you earning quickly in SWOM
I really am there for you, to make you succeed.

  • Where and how to find new members to SWOM
  • How twitter can multiply your sign ups
  • How youtube can work night and day for you.
  • What NOT to put in your internal communications
  • How to earn community points and bonuses each month = $$$
  • How to get referrals on referrals to SWOM
  • How to advertise SWOM offline
  • What to say when advertising SWOM offline.
  • You get the FULL list of ALL social networking sites.
  • How Hubze and geostring can explode your sign ups
  • Why the recession is your BEST friend in SWOM
  • How the comments box will earn you numerous referrals
  • Why a blog can earn you respect in the SWOM community
  • How much money do you want to earn, to help yourself and others?

10 Gold members in your team x 15 = $150 a month
100 Gold members in your team x 15 = $1500 a month

SWOM stands for Super Word-of-Mouth and is a social networking site for home based businesses that gives you the tools to achieve a significant extra income. These include:
  • Meeting new prospects - thousands of internet marketers meet at SWOM - they can be your next customer or Joint-Venture partner!
  • Create your own group - give exposure of your business or opportunity by starting your own group or groups and gather and meet new customers.
  • Twitter link - post messages to Twitter directly from Swom - put your marketing on auto-pilot!
  • Affiliate program - generous 70% payout on commissions in an advanced social networking affiliate program!

Learn as you earn and start building an income from day one. You can earn a full-time income promoting SWOM or your own opportunities - with time and dedication you can earn a realistic 4, 5 or even 6-figure sum each and every month!

If you are not yet part of SWOM, and you would like to join, click here
If you are a free SWOM member, and you would like to upgrade click here

Step by stey approach to being successful in SWOM. This is for those who wish to upgrade to Gold membership because they want to earn an extra income. The instructions here includes ALL the tips and tricks. NOT to be missed !!!!

Every member who went Gold (upgraded) with the intention of 'looking' at SWOM for a while, are still here, having grown their team by following the easy steps below.

Congratulations , you have joined SWOM as a free member, congratulations and welcome to SWOM. Give yourself a round of applause...if not, you can...

Welcome to the SWOM family. You are strongly advised to upload a photo of yourself as the other members feel more confident when communicating with you.

Have a look at some of the advantages of going Gold.
  • Gold members earn up to 70% in commissions!
  • Gold members get a $15 Instant Referral Bonuses
  • As a Gold member you get unlimited traffic and referrals!
  • Gold members get FREE Advertising!
  • FREE company sponsored referrals for all Gold members!
  • Gold members can send out 10 Swom Group Invitations per day
  • Revolutionary Communication Tools to your group members and downline.
  • Priority Support to Gold members & advice for money making opportunities.
  • Plus other useful information here on this training blog and more.
Be aware!

If you invite new people from outside SWOM, or interact or make new friends inside SWOM, and THEY upgrade BEFORE you, then you will lose out on any commissions that you could have earned as a Gold member.

When is the best time to upgrade with SWOM?

You should start building your downline from the day you upgrade. Remember commissions are paid around the 10th day of the month, so you may not see anything in your back office until after the 10th of the month, so don't throw in the towel yet!

There is no problems with payments. The CEO has a good name and reputation on the Net, and all payments are made promptly to all members.
How to upgrade.

Open the link and log in to upgrade: You will arrive at this page:

Next, click on the upgrade button ...

Tip - open in new tab or window:

..and follow the instructions.- If you don't have an Alert Pay account you can get one here. in order to receive your commissions.

Now that I am upgraded, how do I start earning money and increase my monthly commissions?

Make money on SWOM by inviting the people / contacts you know through your various email accounts.

New members with only a few contacts have upgraded and made a huge success simply because of the high volume of people joining this program from around the world. There are now approximately 1.835 Billion online users in the world today and growing!

When you insert your email address and password, SWOM will do a search for all your contacts, through the Contacts Importer.

Make more money by promoting your SWOM link on the Net.

Update your twitter, facebook and other social networking sites by posting your link there - http://swom.com/?r=XXXXX. You can update your twitter home page from your SWOM account by clicking on Settings, and just a bit down on the right hand side you will see 'Edit your Twitter account.

When you go over to your twitter page, you will see that your twitter home page has been updated with a large bold ad link post courtesy of SWOM.
Make more money on SWOM by reading the FAQ section on SWOM, and make a bit more money on SWOM....

...by making contact with all newcomers to SWOM. With the heavy flow of traffic to SWOM you are always GUARANTEED to find new contacts.
Make some more money by participating in groups

After joining SWOM you will receive invitations to connect with other SWOM members (SWOMMERS) and invitations to groups. Very few people refuse invitations to groups except maybe free members, as it reflects in their earnings.

Remember that the amount of commissions you receive depends on your influence rating.The more positive interaction you have with your connections, the more you will earn.

Write a personal blog about your online opportunities.

Rule number one - your BLOG is your HUB. EVERYTHING that you do on the NET, social and business wise, needs to eminate FROM your HUB, INCLUDING SWOM! Your Blog is your face on the internet, so make it count.

Find a social Ning website that will give support and advice.

Post links to all your social networking sites to bring in visitors to SWOM through your link. I am part of an excellent Ning social networking site called United Wealth Builders. You can find them here. UWB.

Start a group in SWOM for your other programs.

SWOM is an excellent place to grow your other online businesses as well, so make sure you post your ad links to 'Biz ops I recommend'.

Do you need a mentor in SWOM ?

Click on the contacts tab, you will see the name of the person who referred you or whose link you clicked to find your way to SWOM. 

 If they have not contacted you after a day or 2, (because they, HAVE been notified that you joined!) then there is a chance they are just chasing numbers and haven't got the decency to at least welcome you to the SWOM social network site. That was my experience. If you are feeling patriotic, you CAN contact them to let them know you have joined SWOM. If you still haven't joined, you can...

If you want to join or upgrade in SWOM, please see my profile page and click on the upgrade link. I will do my best to give you all the ongoing support and help I can, starting with updates, hints, tips and tricks that will be added to this blog post on a regular basis.

Thank you for reading this training article, and I hope it was helpful. Please rate by following my blog and commenting on this article. I wish you every success. 03-28-2010 - attempting to fix comment box - please leave a comment at the bottom of the main post article, thanks

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