Sunday, 28 March 2010

Welcome to Dave's blog on Making money on the Net.

This is a list of opportunities and businesses that I am currently associated with. Please take a minute to post a comment at the bottom of the page, many thanks.
(Please note: the mini icons will take you to the write up pages, and the links in the text will take you to the site/s)

Home Page - Welcome to my blog which is primarily based around making money on the Internet and the galaxy of components, features and gizmos that make that possible. The following links are the main posts set up which link to the pages on this blog. Please leave your comments and find me on Twitter and facebook.

About the author, Everyone has a profile and history, so please read my heavily summarized story here. This particular photo was taken in Spain on an all expenses paid weekend as part of a prize for rendering Customer Excellence while working for a blue chip company in Berkshire.

SWOM info - What is SWOM? Swom stands for Super Word-of-Mouth and is a social networking site for home-businesses that gives you the tools to achieve your financial destiny. You can earn a full-time income promoting Swom or from your own opportunities. Read write up here.

Welcome to SWOMMIES which is our custom made welcome page for all new SWOM members to help them learn the currents and for those who upgrade, the best ways to get off to fast start earnings. I've even included opt out information to be fair. THE PAGE * Swommetjies GROUP ON SWOM * Upgrade link

AlertPay is a fast, easy and secure way to transfer funds online. Whether you are paying or transferring by debit or credit card AlertPay is the preferred flexible option for individual, business and or commercial transactions on the Net today. AlertPay is available in 190 countries, so it is a Global convenient service.

Making money on the Internet. To say that there is a growing interest in making money through Internet Marketing would be a gross under statement. This industry is wide open to anyone and everyone who wants to speculate in business, and the 'playing fields' of marketing are completely level to all entrepreneurs.

MyLook is an internet search service that rewards its members and returns the proceeds from search engine advertising to the people doing the searching. This is done by users being rewarded with shares in the site, and then dividends are paid to users who hold these shares.

With less than 3% going PRO D.N.A. will still pay out over $100,000 in PRO Affiliate Bonuses. The 3/21/2010 PRO Affiliate SUPER CHARGED Commission Increases will create some of the largest 1st 30 day commission checks in the industry. If 3% action of only 4% of The D.N.A. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

UWBUnited Wealth Builders - This is a group of people who have come together under the umbrella of a Ning site - Social Networking site, where all the members actively assist, encourage and challenge each other to achieve success in a wide range of internet marketing ventures and opportunities, primarily through blogging.

Sign business. Welcome to my little international Sign business better known as NEESIGN. Please be aware that is still very much under construction. The aim of this business is to provide all custom decals / stickers for text and graphics to a global market, on a DIY basis. Plans for product expansion in 2010.

 Join4aDollarLearn how to build a wealth creation portfolio starting with a dollar. This program is designed to help everybody get started in a business. The products have been hand picked deliberately to help you build belief in yourself, and in your business. You will also receive Training Newsletters written by Mike Dutton himself from his vast experiences in the area of Sales and Networking.

We want members worldwide to feel they are able to learn and experience building a Wealth Creation Portfolio, so our starting point has been made at only $1. We also run a benefactoring program for those that need it.
With the cost being set at just $1, it means that this opportunity is so very low risk, that it opens it up to everyone, no matter what economical, spiritual, or emotional level you are on right now.

It’s unbelievable how fast FREE money adds up! GeoString pays you for each person you refer, and each person they refer! This trend takes place through 10 full levels of referrals with unlimited width. Your FREE income potential with GeoString is unlimited and with no costs to you! You get $10 for everyone who signs up under you.

Welcome to the AD-renaline Pre Launch Builder

This system has been designed to allow you to reserve your position
and line of sponsorship in the exciting new online business venture AD-renaline Marketing. Membership in this pre launch builder is 100% free with absolutely no obligation. Reserve your position now and stay up to date with exciting new details to come on the new official launch of the AD-renaline Marketing system.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

NHC Pre-Launch - Own $200,000 Homes - FREE New Home Club is now in Pre-Launch and is scheduled to launch in approximately one month. Welcome to NHC, your path to owning your home and the Financial Freedom you and your family deserve. On launching NHC will upgrade the top 50 sponsors to Associate member - FREE. To qualify for an upgrade win you must sponsor a minimum of 5 members.

Thumbnail Surfing List Building Social Integration
Receive increased results from your advertising with our unique thumbnail surfing experience. Upgraded members enjoy the ability to build their personal list on autopilot directly from the surf bar and without any extra effort! Social media is the fastest growing advertising platform online.

When you signup for PayPal, you can start accepting credit card payments instantly. As the world's number one online payment service, PayPal is the fastest way to open your doors to over 150 million member accounts worldwide. Best of all, it's completely free to sign up! To sign up or learn more, click here

A group of multi millionaires have chosen to take patented scientific breakthrough products to the market through the MLM industry. This opportunity launches on May 15 2010 and is FREE to join. That means YOU can start building your downline NOW simply by joining. Numbers are growing quickly so lock in your position NOW, invite your contacts, and watch your downline grow.


LReeves said...

Fabulous post filled with lots of great information here! Thank you so much for posting this David I will be back to hear more! Keep it coming!

Henry said...

Hey David,

Really liked all the tips you have on making money on the internet. When I fist stated out I had to lean by trial and error which meant I lost some money and made a little bit. You tips will help the new internet business person to not make the mistakes as many of have made. Also like the notes on "Don't Be a Loser". Most people join or purchase from you because of you and not your products or services. They join and buy from you because of who you are and the relationship you built with them. Your retention will be so much better if you follow that scenario. Henry

Pusinsbiz's iKyubit said...

Aloha David,
You have made a lot of changes ever since I visited your blog the last time. It is coming so nice with the content and the layout. Your blog will really help beginners to be a success in online marketing because you have given tips and suggestions that are very helpful. Great job!

tervan said...

Hey David,

I can see that you have been very busy. Keep up the great work!

All the best,